Whether you are a beginner, learning a new craft or an expert with years of experience, KreaDiva offers a class to teach you something new. We also offer classes just for kids, covering many crafts and also learn to sew from an early age. At KreaDiva, our education classes cover a wide range of categories, which also include sewing, crochet, knitting, upholstery & home decor.

Create & Sew like a Professional

This programs focus on an all-round knowledge of sewing.

Students learn fabric styles and types, skills in sewing, tailoring and fitting, alterations, patternmaking, professional design and clothing constructions.

No skills required
Duration: it take approximately two years to complete

Teens Sewing

This sewing class introduces teens to the basics of hand sewing and the sewing machine. They will learn basic hand stitches, how to thread a sewing machine, sew a basic seam and learn other basic sewing skills. They will also learn valuable sewing essentials for exploring new sewing projects. Our teaching method is a multi-sensory approach in a small class setting. Individuality and creativity is always encouraged and celebrated! No previous sewing experience necessary.

Age: 10+

Introduction to Sewing

Learn basic sewing skills, how to use a sewing machine & know the use of the basic tool.

You will learn to sew seams and construct a simple pillow and a pouch. Intended for adults and teens 15+.

No skills required
Duration: 8 classes of 2 hours

Adult workshops & Specialty classes

Adult workshops & specialty classes at KreaDiva will teach you the necessary skills to create on a topic. Our classes are open to all levels of experience, from beginners with a passion to create, to intermediate and advanced sewers that want to build on their existing skills. Specialty classes are available year-round. The small classes will allow the instructors to engage and assist with each student’s needs.

Kids Craft 5+

Being imaginative and getting involved in creative arts and crafts activities is great fun! Whatever age you are; creative activities are great for confidence, hand and eye co-ordination, social skills, wellbeing and positive mental health and much more.

We carefully develop projects for each stage and group that we work with.

We provide a welcoming and nurturing environment to help children to discover, learn and explore freely. This way they can blossom in their own way and grows in self-esteem, skills and confidence.