Welcome to Sewing Machine Repair Service by KreaDiva

KreaDiva can comprehend the frustration of a faulty sewing machine. A damaged machine can stop your projects and dreams, however skilled you are or just beginning your journey in creativity. This is why we are here for – our sewing machine repair service is run by professionals who seek to restore your full working condition in no time.

What Makes KreaDiva Suitable for Sewing Machine Repairs?


Our expert technicians have handled various sewing machine problems because they have spent many years in the industry. We have seen almost all types of hitches that may occur during stitching from mechanical ones to electrical failures.

Customized Services

Just as every sewing machines differs with its owner we understand this fact. Consequently, each repair assignment receives personalized treatment where the problem is first carefully analyzed and best suited solution provided.

Quality Spare Parts and Tools

Only high class materials and tools should be used in repairs according to us. Thus, not only will it be well done but also long lasting and robust for your lovely sewing machine.

Timely Turnaround

We realize that you are anxious to resume your sewing projects; hence we strive for speedy and efficient turnaround times. Our aim is to return your machine as fast as possible without compromising on quality.

Our Repair Process


Once you bring us your sewing machine for repair, a comprehensive assessment will be done to establish the root cause of the problem.


When we find out what is wrong, we shall let you know in simple non-technical terms. We will also discuss with you how much repairs will cost and give you an idea of the extent of damage.

Expert Repair

Upon receiving your permission, our professional technicians shall commence rectifying the problems using their acquired skills and exactness.

Testing and
Quality Check

A thorough test should be conducted before giving back the machine just to make sure that it’s not faulty. We believe in our workmanship; consequently, we want you feeling safe.

Get in Touch

Don’t allow a broken sewing machine spoil all your creative endeavors. Just come down to KreaDiva where real experts will restore its capacity allowing you resume doing what makes you happy – sewing!

Reach us today for booking a service that’ll fix your sewing machine so that those stitches can be reconnected again